Moncontour Active Park

To eat around Moncontour Active Park

Moncontour Active Park - Vienne (86)

Along the base of the Camping Moncontour Active Park is located our Bar/Snack, open every day in June, July and August and some weekends of the vacations (please inquire in advance).

Enjoy the terrace with a view on the lake or the room with its stone fireplace, all in a friendly and summery atmosphere.

  • A large choice of cold drinks is proposed (sodas, fruit juices, beers, wines, aperitifs…) or hot drinks (teas, chocolates, coffees…)
  • The snack part will welcome you with: sandwiches, croques-monsieurs, sandwiches and salads. Hot dishes are also prepared (tagines, pasta, etc. …). The whole can be accompanied with French fries.
  • A sweet part will delight your taste buds with ice creams, pastries and other desserts
  • Games are also available for adults and children (BabyFoot, Darts, board games etc…)

Nearby shops :

  • Épiceries, Boulangerie, Boucherie-Charcuterie, Pharmacie, Presse, Distributeur de billets à moins de 10 km
  • Hypermarché de Airvault à 10 km
  • Supérette dans le centre de Moncontour

Markets of Local Producers :

During the summer, we recommend the local farmers’ markets in Moncontour and its surroundings. The market of Moncontour takes place every Monday, from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Below is an exhaustive list of some of the markets to visit:

  • Le Marché de Mirabeau, le Mecredi et Samedi
  • Le Marché de Thénezay, le Dimanche matin
  • Le Marché de Loudin, le Dimanche matin
  • Le Marché de Saint-Varent, le Dimanche matin
  • Le Marché de Saint-Jean-de-Fauves, le Vendredi matin